Submitted By: George
Answered: June 29, 2015 9:08 am

My son enlisted in the Marines after high school and is stationed overseas. Can I claim him as my dependent?

Probably not. Once a child is 19 years or older and not a full-time student, then he/she is not a dependent unless gross income is below the exemption amount ($3,950 for 2014; $4,000 for 2015) and other tests are met. A dependency exemption can be claimed if the child is under age 19 by year end and does not provide more than half of his/her support for the year (regardless of the child’s gross income); military service is viewed as a temporary absence from the home.

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The total cost investment in an annuity. When annuity payments are made, the portion allocable to the cost investment is tax free.

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