January 8, 2020 1:14 am

IRS Interest Rates for Q1 2020

The interest rates on overpayments and underpayments are unchanged from the fourth quarter of 2019 (Rev Rul. 2019-28). The rates are:

  • Noncorporate overpayments and underpayments: 5%
  • Corporate overpayments: 4% generally, but 2.5% for corporate overpayments exceeding $10,000
  • Corporate underpayments: 5% generally but 7% for large corporate underpayments

The 5% rate is used to figure estimated tax penalties for individuals for the first quarter of 2020 and also the first 15 days of April.

Tax Glossary


An annual payment of money by a company or individual to a person called the annuitant. Payment is for a fixed period or the life of the annuitant. Tax consequences depend on the type of contract and funding.

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