June 30, 2022 12:25 am

IRS Uses Voice Bots to Improve Service

The IRS has been using various technologies to improve customer service, one of which is voice bots. To date, voice bots have answered over 3 million taxpayer calls. Now taxpayers can use voice bots to verify eligibility for a payment plan and get help in setting one up (IR-2022-127). Since February, taxpayers have been able to use voice bots for answers to the advance child tax credit. Voice bots are designed to answer various taxpayer questions on its toll-free number. Expect to see expanded use of voice bots for increasingly complicated matters in the future.

Tax Glossary

Adjusted basis

A statutory term describing the cost used to determine your profit or loss from a sale or exchange of property. It is generally your original cost, increased by capital improvements, and decreased by depreciation, depletion, and other capital write-offs.

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