January 3, 2018 1:09 am

IRS’s Online Tools Are Up Again

As a result of the Equifax identity breach, the IRS barred the creation of new accounts for accessing online tools through Secure Access. These tools include Get Transcript. The IRS has switched to Experian as its identity-proofing vendor, and Secure Access is available again to everyone (IRS Statement on 12/8/17; https://www.irs.gov/newsroom/irs-statement-secure-access).

There are two ways that Secure Access helps protect online tools:

  1. It has a more rigorous identity-proofing process which helps ensure the users are who they say they are, and
  2. It requires returning users to use a two-factor access process. They enter their credentials (username and password) plus a security code that has been sent as a text message to their mobile phone or a security code generated by the new IRS2Go app feature.

e-Services for professionals. This suite of tools for professionals, which includes electronic filing, transcript delivery systems, and taxpayer identification number matching, will also be utilized through Secure Access. e-Services users who do not currently have a Secure Access account must re-register using the more rigorous Secure Access procedure. Tax professionals also will have the option of using the IRS2Go “Security” feature.



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Ownership of property by two persons. When one dies, the decedent’s interest passes to the survivor.

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