February 28, 2023 8:38 pm

Uploading Documents to the IRS in Response to Notices

If you receive certain notices from the IRS requesting additional information, you may now be able to update documents to the IRS instead of mailing them in (IR-2023-29). If you receive one of the notices listed below, you can respond securely to IRS online, regardless of whether you have an IRS Online Account.

The notice informs you to “Send us your documents using the Documentation Upload Tool within 30 days from the date of this notice.” It includes the link and a unique access code.

  • You can open the link in any browser and then input your unique code, your first and last name and your Social Security, Individual Taxpayer Identification or Employee Identification number.
  • You can then securely upload scans, photos or digital copies of documents (maximum of 15MB per file, up to 40 files).
  • You’ll receive a confirmation that the IRS received your documents, and the IRS employee assigned the case can manage the transmitted documents.

Currently, this upload option applies only to one of the following notices:

  • CP04, relating to combat zone status.
  • CP05A, information request related to a refund.
  • CP06 and CP06A, relating to the Premium Tax Credit.
  • CP08, relating to the Child Tax Credit.
  • CP09, relating to claiming the Earned Income Tax Credit.
  • CP75, relating to the EITC.
  • CP75A, relating to the EITC.
  • CP75D, relating to the EITC and other credits.

In the coming months and years, the IRS promises to expand this capability to “dozens of other notices.”

Tax Glossary

Archer Medical Savings Account (MSA)

A type of medical plan combining high deductible medical insurance protection with an IRA-type savings account fund to pay unreimbursed medical expenses.

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