Submitted By: Margie
Answered: September 29, 2015 12:27 pm

I received a Form 5498 for my IRA. Do I have to file anything or do anything?

No. Trustees or issuers of traditional IRAs must furnish Form 5498 to participants each year if there is a contribution (including a rollover) or a distribution. It is merely an information return that goes to you and to the IRS. For example, it shows a contribution to a traditional IRA so you know how much to deduct on your return if eligible to do so. It also shows the value of the account so you can figure required minimum distributions if you need to do this.

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A revenue ruling is the Commissioner’s “official interpretation of the interpretation of the law” and generally is binding on revenue agents and other IRS officials. Taxpayers generally may rely on published revenue rulings in determining the tax treatment of their own transactions that arise out of similar facts and circumstances.

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